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I can only recommend for your #TYPO3 upgrades! It makes the upgrade process so much smoother when you can always start with a fresh database and have all steps scripted. You screwed up the database during the upgrade? Fix it and start over! And in combination with by @IchHabRecht you can even go from TYPO3 7 to 11 in one go!

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I need to check this for our next update.
@danielsiepmann when @IchHabRecht has merged this pull request I can provide a patch for PHP 8.1.

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Read my lips:

An audio show that can only be played in an Apple player on an Apple device is not a podcast.

An audio show that can only be played in Spotify is not a podcast.

Repeat ad nauseam for any other proprietary audio show platforms.

A #podcast is an #RSS feed with enclosures of audio files which are playable across the whole ecosystem of podcast players.

Any reporter who reports on exclusive audio shows and calls them “podcasts” are doing a grave disservice to their audience.

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Well said. But unfortunately a lot of people don't care and are stuck forever in their little ecosystem. Let them have their tiny experiences. And stop telling them about the open and federated world of RSS. They are afraid, that it's a world of witchcraft where dragons roam.

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Maybe I can find some brave people willing to test an upcoming feature for content_defender?! Available for all supported #TYPO3 versions (10-12).

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Open source bros, we need to stop shaming people for not using your inaccessible, unreliable, annoying software.

If you want to tinker with broken things for fun, stay in your bubble as much as you want!

If you are trying for widespread adoption, then yes, you need user research, usability, accessibility, testing, and documentation.

If that means having a code of conduct and getting rid of assholes so you can recruit a wider range of contributers, deal with it!

None of this is off topic.

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Can you recommend some #software ro trigger a Notification on my #Android when something happens on my #Linux laptop? E.g. a software that allows me to trigger a Notificarion from a bash script.

That only need to work if both devices are within my home network. So I can rip something during the evening and get notified once ripping is done.

Using Google Services or other SaaS is no solution for me. It should work sith an App on Android and a small bash script or ruby, python ... script on Laptop.
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I'm not sure whether the way from computer to phone works, but the other way around is doing quite well here.
Should also work the other way around. At least notifications can be shared.

Send Notifications

»"Broadcast this computer's notifications, so they can be shown on other devices."

This is pretty self-explanatory: notifications from your computer will show up on your phone.«

I guess I never could pair due to my network setup... need to try it once more.

I can't attend this years TYPO3 Camp Mitteldeutschland I'm on holiday :)

But I'll guess we see each other at Webcamp Venlo (They are still updating their website)
It's a pity that there is still no more information than the date on the website. I thought about going to Venlo, but now it is 6 weeks until it should be, that's too late, sorry. Have fun there.

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[FEATURE] Adopt symfony messenger as message bus and queue

See the Feature.rst file for details.

The changes in workspaces are meant as a usage example.

The goal is to provide a basic implementation as a first step.
Further features (for example extending the capabilities of the
consume command or providing additional transportFactories or
multi-bus support) can be done in additional patches
(or even – in case of transports – in additional packages).

The default transport is synchronous to avoid forcing users to
configure the long running message consumer worker.

Command executed:
composer req symfony/doctrine-messenger:^6.2 symfony/messenger:^6.2
composer req symfony/doctrine-messenger:^6.2 symfony/messenger:^6.2 \
-d typo3/sysext/core --no-update

Releases: main
Resolves: #97700
Change-Id: Ib034f70b8d6c0be974f807341df257c17dff42a1
Tested-by: Benni Mack <>
Tested-by: Benjamin Franzke <>
Reviewed-by: Benni Mack <>
Reviewed-by: Benjamin Franzke <>
Reviewed-by: Frank Nägler <>
Reviewed-by: Susanne Moog <>
Tested-by: core-ci <>
Reviewed-by: Daniel Goerz <>

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🔥 You know what? beta is open for everyone

👍 Please try it out and see the for changelog, feedback and more

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Shiny! Looking forward for multi account support <3

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What are you using for CI and why?

I was very happy with, but since they're bought by harness, their cloud version is down most of the time, and the self-hosted seems unmaintained.

Love to hear any alternatives that make you happy.

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Currently having Docker Hub connected to few repositories, which are automatically updated on the server using Watchtower. Push to a branch and it'll deploy automatically.

I found this to be an optimal point between ease of use and versatility. Generally these images compose (using docker compose) with more complex infrastructure anyway, and this is just a way to keep that all managed.
GitLab CI. You can use the public with your own runners. The runners are really low maintenance. Update them twice a year with a one-liner and you‘re basically good.

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Und wie sind eure Erfahrungen hier? Ich finde es schwierig, hier Leute zu finden.

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Das mit dem Entfolgen ist eine gute Idee.... haha... nice!!! Das werde ich auch so machen. Und wenn nicht mehr viele übrig sind, werde ich meinen Twitteraccount löschen.

Unsere Firma sucht Verstärkung im Bereich TYPO3 Entwicklung.

Ihr könnt auch gerne mich direkt kontaktieren. Via TYPO3 Slack, email, etc.:

🔥Wir suchen eine:n #TYPO3-#Entwickler:in!🔥 Spannende Projekte, cooles Team, vor Ort oder Remote (auch 100%) und vieles mehr... Gerne direkt per PM melden! #Developer #Job #HomeOffice #RemoteWork

@Alexander Schnitzler ich fürchte nur Fest. Tut mir leid. Vllt. reagiert mein Chef hier auch noch offiziell :)
@alexanderschnitzler Hallo Alexander, aktuell suchen wir vor allem Mitarbeiter in Festanstellung. Wir würden uns aber bei Bedarf melden, wenn Interesse besteht.
Du könntest auch noch im Slack-Channel "typo3-jobs" posten, um Leute gezielt zu erreichen.

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Good news: pandoc 3 has landed. Didn't notice yesterday.

Pandoc - Releases

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Das Problem ist nicht, dass ein Mensch eine Behinderung oder ein sonst ein Handicap hat. Das Problem ist auch nicht, dass ein Mensch queer oder transgender oder vegan oder nicht vegan oder muslimisch oder christlich oder oder oder oder ist.

Das Problem ist einzig und allein, dass andere Menschen nicht dami klar kommen!

#Menschlichkeit #Vegan #Mischkostler #Queer #transgender #Religion #Akzeptanz #Toleranz

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Absolut richtig.

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we've been bullish on WebAssembly at @redmonk for a while. here are a couple of the reasons why.

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The issue of bundling dependencies with your code. I din't see this as a benefit but unnecessary extra efforts. #docker #container and other languages practicing bundling have this #security downside.

The #Forgejo Critical Security Release 1.18.1-0 is available.

We strongly recommend an upgrade of your Forgejo container images to get fixes for CVE-2022-41903 and CVE-2022-23521. A blog post was published and includes recommendations for Forgejo admins running from a binary to upgrade git and fix those vulnerabilities.


Sure, but let's say the next update to git contains a breaking change. (I doubt this would happen with git, but it happens with other dependencies.) App 1 requires this updated version of git if you want to update app 1, and let's say that update includes a highly desired feature you've been waiting for. App 2 and 3 do not support this updated version of git and will break if you install it. You now have to make a choice. If those apps are in containers, you don't have to choose.
Good software fixes security issues in all maintained versions.
And good software supports maintained versions.

Good managers solve the required dependencies to a set that can be installed. Without adding any further overhead.

Distributions ensure they deliver a working package of software and provide security updates. So one command to have everything working and secure for me as user. And only a small set of projects need to focus on the maintenance task.

E.g. one security update of PHP is one command for me. Instead of waiting for PHP projects friendica, firefly3, TYPO3, nextcloud, ... to provide an updated version and updating each fd them as soon as they are available.

For me docker solves other issues, with the cost of new issues. Like probably all solutions have pros and cons. But I never heared anyone talking about this issue yet.

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Vielen Dank @oliklee für die TYPO3-Flagge! Und wie versprochen: wir machen da jetzt eine Wanderflagge draus! Wie, das habe ich hier mal runtergeschrieben: #TYPO3Flag #TYPO3

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Tag war damals #t3flag...
Aber interessant: in Vogel-Kanal findet sich eine weitere Flagge:

(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

@Xitnelat Das war vor zehn Jahren! Das sind Äonen in der IT! 😂😉
Aber... Früher war nicht alles schlecht.. :-(
Ok, wir mussten mit Zeichen sparsamer sein in der anderen, alten Welt... @oliklee
schöne Idee👌

»Git 2.39.1 has been released with a set of security fixes«
#git #security

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Don't call me expert, but I invested some hours in debugging and understanding #friendica feed mirroring. It's cool but as always: You need to get used to the architecture and concept of a software. Not everything is self-explanatory for new users.

But the code is well-structured, and I get used to it. Already contributed two fixed in that area.

Is nice to work with #PHP and #OpenSource software. Can't imagine how people can work with closed source. How do they debug and fix or adjust things to their needs?

This looks like a cool profiling extension in dev contexts :)
Disclaimer: Didn't check source code, only readme.
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This relatively new feature of @peertube to mirror youtube channels is one of the most beautiful thing to happen to the fedi in my smol opinion. Content.wise this feels like a blessing to the network. And the fact it adds 0 overhead to musicians already feeding the corporate monster makes it really easy to convince them to go for it. They're not making any profit on the tube anyways, and the appeal of a seemingly dead underground suddenly "reviving" seems to be appealing to at least my peers...

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Going to my very first #fosdem in three weeks! Hotel and trains booked. And I will also be talking there about #keyoxide :) hope to meet many interesting people!

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@danielsiepmann it's working for us at , but it does say "Gitea" instead of "Forgejo" 😅
Direct support for Forgejo with the correct label would be great!
~ @caesar
@Forgejo thanks will give it another try. It didn't work for me after switching. But that was some days back and maybe a different issue.

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You [ ] Markdown. (Check all that apply.)

  • Love (92%, 63 votes)
  • Hate (22%, 15 votes)
68 voters. Poll end: 2 weeks ago

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@Grummfy @ramsey Nah. I've a fully fledged PHP parser and converter. Been using it since 2007 or so.
@Grummfy @ramsey There is also rst2pdf, which I use weekly, maintained by @akrabat and @lornajane

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Zum Wochenende: Prinzipien

Drei einfache Prinzipien helfen der Community, bessere Entscheidungen zu treffen, alte Zöpfe abzuschneiden und mehr Verantwortung zu übernehmen.

#Prinzipien #Pareto #Effizienz #Verantwortung #Community #Linux

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Hilfreiche Erklärungen, vor allem dort, wo man selber vielleicht noch nicht so sattelfest ist.
vielen Dank für den guten Artikel! Ich werde den Link gleich an meine Vorgesetzten weiterleiten...🤭

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Eine Führungskraft war gerade sehr verwundert, dass ich meine Regelarbeitszeit nur selten überschreite.

"Viel Arbeit heißt nicht, dass man selbst viel arbeiten sollte, sondern dass man das System in dem man arbeitet verbessern muss."

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Ich von vor vielen Jahren als Consultant für eine Datenbankfirma viel herum gekommen.

Eine Sache, die ich beim Besuch in skandinavischen Ländern mehr als einmal beobachtet habe: Wenn jemand Überstunden macht, wird gefragt, ob die Person Hilfe braucht, Prozesse verändert werden müssen oder sonstwie Probleme bestehen.

Denn offensichtlich ist etwas kaputt und muß repariert werden, wenn Überstunden regelmäßig gemacht werden.

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We love free software. With much thanks to the talented @SachaChua for illustrating the reasons. See for emacs news and more!

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I published the initial release of my #TYPO3 extension which provides a #form finisher to rate limit the sending of a form - depending on various configurable properties
👍 Thanks a lot for your work. Good use case on how to use the included symfony/rate-limiter component in TYPO3.

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The yaml document from hell: YAML is so complex that it is difficult for humans to predict how a given document will parse. The file below will NOT be parsed the way you think. For your configuration files, choose XML, JSON, INI, or TOML instead.

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Now I hate YAML even more. Did not expect, this would be possible.

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Solving a #fediverse mystery of why my #Forgejo instance had thousands of accounts.
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>Ihr wollt nur unser Bestes,
aber das bekommt ihr nicht.<
Kinder dieser Welt

Aus dem aktuellen Buch das ich lese.

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I'm really looking forward to seeing federated #Git Hosting (

People are working on a protocol as extension to existing #ActivityPub ( protocol.
This will allow tools like @Forgejo to federate with other installations.

That would allow every open source software project to #selfHost the source code. No need for a #centralized instance like
ok THAT'S game changing
What's more is we should all lend a small amount of our storage to backup another project or projects. Then, we can make sure everyone's projects have some redundency.

Why can't the rest of our world politics be more like our open source world?

I've created accounts on my own instance (OpenSource) to mirror feeds from TYPO3 news (OpenSource).

@Αlbrесht Κöhnlеin 🚀 notices that mirrored posts have are broken links.

I investigated and checked source code. Turns out the feed has surrounding whitespace at links. I adjust the source code of my own friendica installation, opened an issue ( and provided a PR (

Merged within 20 minutes.

That's still awesome, even after working with #OpenSource for more than 10 years already. You focus on making the world a better place.

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I highly appreciate being part of #OpenSource. Just had a feature request by a customer where I need some JavaScript. The Open Source System #TYPO3 had some closed APIs within JavaScript.

One Core Team Member joined me for a whole hour without asking for payment to create a patch and solve our customers issue.

I don't want to imagine how fucked I would have been if I would work with a closed source system.

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Merke: Bei Mobilität geht es nicht um die Menschen, es geht um die Einnahmen des Staates.

So auch bei E-Scootern wie das Beispiel in Köln zeigt: Es geht wohl eher um die 130 € pro Scooter als um sinnvolle Mobilität.

Gleiches gilt beim sogenannten "Mobilitätsgipfel" den selbst die Tagesschau schon in Anführungszeichen setzt. Dort geht es nicht um Mobilität sondern Autos und deren Infrastruktur. Es geht um Milionen für Ladesäulen und EAutos. Der Staat verdient durch Steuern mit. Fahrräder bringen auch hier viel weniger Geld.

Es ist frustrierend das offenbar auch eine Rot-Grün-Gelbe Regierung nicht in der Lage ist Politik für Menschen zu machen. Was muss eigentlich passieren und was können wir tun damit endlich wieder Poltik fürs Volk gemacht wird?

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Yesterday I presented Topwire for the first time publicly
at the TYPO3 user group Bodensee #t3see #typo3

It's a project I'm working on to seamlessly integrate Hotwire Turbo with TYPO3.

Turbo website:

The following resources I published in English:

Slides for the presentation:
Source code for both:

Wolfgang Wagner published the video on youtube (German):
I watched the recording, and this is really promising for lot's of use cases right away... looking forward to using this once it's ready!

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Hey everyone. Please help to improve this account by suggesting Blogs. Please comment with the Feed Link. lists all currently mirrored feeds.

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@MarcusSchwemer Lass Dich doch ned ärgern... ;) Seh das genauso, dass es auf den Zweck ankommt. "SystemA vs SystemB"-Vergleiche hinken meistens.
Ich hab meine Site auch nur mit TYPO3 gemacht um das zu lernen. Vorher lief die mit ablog und sphinx und rst als static site. Viel cooler für mich. Aber so hab ich eine saubere Spielwiese für TYPO3. Da war der Use-Case also nicht in erster Linie der Blog.

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> The code you write makes you a programmer. The code you delete makes you a good one. The code you don't have to write makes you a great one.
-- Mario Fusco

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It is already possible to use #TYPO3 v12.x for small hobby production websites. Give it a try. That way you get used to new features and can open issues to fix bugs prior LTS release.

The more test, the more bugs are fixed upfront, easing migration to upcoming 12 LTS for everyone.

V12.0 was already released back in October last year. V12.4 LTS will be published in April. So also a good time to ping extension authors and to support them in updating their extensions. E.g. sponsor money or contribute patches.

TYPO3 is open source and is driven by everyone within the community. So everyone can support somehow :)

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