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Schriftgrösse in der tty

Auf einem HiDPI Display ist die Schrift standardmässig sehr klein. Die Wahl der passenden Schriftart, schafft Abhilfe.

#tty #HiDPI #Schrift #Linux

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🎉 Xdebug 3.2.1 Released!

🐞 This is a bug fix release that addresses problems with recognising the `xdebug.mode` setting in threaded environments, and another few issues.


🐘 @Xdebug

#php #xdebug #debugging #release
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should be nicknamed liftoff!

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Accessibility & mono repository by Patrick Broens from Open Gemeenten. More information and program: https://www....

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I'm reserving @ocramius' law:

"adding manual steps to an automated process makes the process worse"

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Any recommendations where I can find good #HTML templates? My wishlist:
- clean and well structured, not too fancy
- as modular as possible, so that I can remove unnecessary elements
- not too expensive (it's for a non-profit website)
- a plus would be good accessibility

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Funny that I got boosts and stars for my question yesterday regarding #HTML #template markets but no recommendations.
So far I know about these services:
I'd really like to know about your experiences about these or any other market.
I used templateforest two times and was satisfied

@koehnlein Hey, I'm sorry because I accidentally became author of this patch when pushing just one small change in one of many patch sets. All praise belongs to @derhansen
@alexanderschnitzler @derhansen Big thanks to @derhansen! I always hated (and still hate) all that clicky clicky work, when configuring some plugins, like felogin.

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[TASK] Use userland strftime() implementation for deprecated PHP func…

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Today I will be giving a talk about #ForgeFed at #LibrePlanet at 19:55 UTC! You can read more about it here: (the schedule was delayed so the talk won't start until 19:55 UTC)

It'll be streamed live on in the Saturn room.

Thanks to @dachary, @realaravinth, and @pere for helping prepare the talk with me!

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I need metrics and graphs and maybe logs for some servers I run on a personal project.

At my day job this would mean Grafana or ELK.

I want something significantly less heavy than that. I want to run logging and metrics visualization on the same server I run production workloads, and I don't want the metrics to drag down those production workloads.

What's a good option here? Or am I stuck with the Enterprise options?

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🎉🎈Happy 20th Anniversary, Nix! 🎈🎉

2️⃣0️⃣ amazing years of #Nix 🖥️✨

📅 Don't miss out on the exciting events at! Connect with fellow enthusiasts, learn about the latest updates! 🥳🚀

Share your favorite #NixMoments! 🌟🤗 #NixTurns20 #NixOSAnniversary
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For those of you who use Linux, what distro do you use?

Please BOOST for maximum exposure to the #Fediverse

If you use more than one of the listed distros, please comment below as well!


Thanks to @jcrabapple for the poll suggestion!

#Poll #Polls #PollOfTheDay #POTD #Linux #Ubuntu #Fedora #Arch #AllThingsTech

  • Ubuntu (44%, 666 votes)
  • Fedora (18%, 276 votes)
  • Arch (14%, 224 votes)
  • Other - Comment below with what you use! (23%, 349 votes)
1515 voters. Poll end: 3 days ago

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Debian — Latest stable in production; Testing in dev.
Ubuntu LTS and NixOS unstable.

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What’s your favourite online co op game on switch?

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With our announcement to introduce Content Blocks as a TYPO3 Core system extension at the TYPO3 Developer Days 2022, we have been very busy to make it happen.

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Maybe I should stop reading stuff about #DDD (=Domain Driven Design). I read and now I question so many parts of previously written code. I again want to experiment and get a feeling on how this might work out.

I probably should read "Domain-Driven-Design" from Eric Evans again and again.

How does it work for you? How do you handle situations where you learn something new and need to give it a try? How do you handle your old code?
Every line of code I write, every line of code I read, every single article or page I read influences how I am thinking about and actually writing code.
This means I automatically try new things in the current project, being it side, customer or OSS.
It does NOT mean rewriting everything from scratch over and over again or trying things that does not scale with the problem to solve.

My priorities:

1. solve the problem
2. make the code easy to change

(easier said than done)

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That are also always my two priorities. But it constantly changes how I try to achive both. As you wrote: One constantly evolves and so does the way to achieve the goals.

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Do you remember your first week as a junior dev? I do, basically because that's *now* for me, as an intern in a (non-technological) relatively small enterprise. I guess some years from now I'll joke about this beginner's pains... But that's some years from now. My lovely senior devs: please remember, every now and then, and specially when you interact with the new kid in town, that you were once in your first week as a maybe scared, insecure junior dev too. <3

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@fedops @pwaring Yup. It's done in Laravel Sail, which is basically, as I can understand, a sort of convenience pre-made files for having a Laravel-ready environment (including PHP, MySQL, Redis, etc.) running on a Docker container. Then you can throw commands to the container prepending ./vendor/bin/sail (you better aliase that! XD). Cloned the project in my laptop, it works. Cloned in my (twin environment) workstation, weirdly fails. No solution so far. :(

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FrOSCon 2022 Talk: "Is there hope for Linux on smartphones?"

Wonderful talk, I've hope for our future :)

#linux #smartphone

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Samsung is replacing actual pictures you take of the moon with a fake AI version that is crystal clear.

This is pretty terrifying. The phone software can identify objects in pictures and replace them.

How long until they're replacing the content of billboards in the backgrounds of your pictures with whoever pays for it? What if they decide you can't record encounters with the police, and it automatically blurs the face of the police?

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Die Aufgabe von Politik ist ja, Veränderung in eine Richtung zu steuern und dabei gesellschaftsverträglich zu gestalten.

Das ist in den letzten 30 Jahren etwas untergegangen.

Und so kommt es, daß Habeck Basics erläutern muß:

"Wenn wir in DE in Zukunft nur noch Politiker wählen, die ihr Geschäftsmodell darin sehen, nichts zu tun um möglichst beliebt zu sein, dann können wir den Laden eigentlich dicht machen."

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"The following table lists the most common and useful HTML elements that have an impact on accessibility for users with disabilities."

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Daniel Siepmann reshared this. und hw-probe

Info zu unter Linux unterstützter Hardware bekommen und sammeln.

#Linux #BSD #Hardware #Linux

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Hello #neovim community! 🤓

I have a question for you. How do you deal with “Open with” context menus and neovim?

It runs in the terminal and cannot be registered as the default application for file types?

Is there some way to make that possible on #macOS? I would love to be able to simply right-click a file and choose neovim or double click it and neovim opens.

I guess applications like #neovide or #macvim would/could offer this, but not bare neovim. 🤔

Thank you for any tips on that! 👍🏼
what terminal emulator do you use? if I right-click a file and open with kitty (for example), it'll open up a terminal instance and open in neovim. i do have my editor set as nvim in my zshrc

export EDITOR='nvim'
@elijahmanor I am using #iterm2 and I have #wezterm too.

I used Kitty, but its SSH behavior was strange and did not work with some of my client servers.

I have nvim set too!

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I did it!

TYPO3 Console 8.0.0 with #TYPO3 12 compatibility is now released.


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While working on a large website that dates back ten years, I think of this picture of the „layers of the web“.

What can we do to build long lasting robust websites? Prefer lower in the stack, prefer HTML over CSS, prefer CSS over JS. Think twice about any tool that gives you „modern“ anything before the thing has really stabilized.

Image by @adactio
Layers of the web. At the bottom slow moving TCP/IP. At the top very fast moving JavaScript. In between HTML and CSS.

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⏰ Planning a meeting time from the terminal with `tz`

⚡️ Install with `brew install tz` or `go install`

`tz`: Run the app
`tz -h`: Get help
`tz -list`: List all the timezones
`export TZ_LIST="US/Central;CET;"`: Personalize list

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just because some people are extra nice, doesn't mean that it is your right.

When you use free and open source software, respect the people who make the product and remember that they often do this in their spare time without any pay of any kind.


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@danielsiepmann @foosel Yep, and acting entitled is one of the more annoying things that isn't prohibited by common codes of conduct... Recently @adafruit shared this which was an interesting read:
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@rpavlik @foosel @adafruit

TIL about "Entitlement"

Thanks Ryan for this link

This explains so much of my frustrations as a OSS maintainer, which I previously had no concrete words for.

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You probably have more insights. What factors apply to prevent video output from old #DisplayPort, #Thunderbold of an #MacBookAir 2013? I have to adapters to #HDMI. I have different HDMI cables.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't.

It worked for years, but no more since two years.

It feels like one adapter works better dor some devices lile my TV, while the other works better for other devices like some beamer. Sometimes no combination seem to work at all.

Any tip or reasource is welcome. I like the MacBook and would like to keep using it.

What may affect the output, e.g. xcan I buy a specific cable or adapter respecting some specification thst increase the chance to make it work?
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Wir suchen eine Django/Python-Softwareentwicklerin (d/-/w/m), 🐍, 100% remote, DE/AT, viele Extras! ➡️➡️ boosts very welcome! #job #joboffer #python #ausschreibung #remote #jobangebot
Illustration unserer Jobausschreibung - keine extra Information. Besteht aus einer großen Python-Schlange zwischen spitzen HTML-Klammern wie "</🐍>". Oben links steht "Job?!". Die Grafik ist in den Uberspace-Farben blau und hellrot gehalten.
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Auf ein paar Nachfragen hin haben wir in unserer Job-Ausschreibung ein wenig nachgebessert!

Django ist nicht zwingend erforderlich, nach dem Start helfen wir ggf. auch gerne beim Lernen. Irgendeine Webdev-Erfahrung jedoch schon. Wie Meeting-Zeiten bei uns laufen haben wir auch konkretisiert.

Bei Fragen einfach fragen :)


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Want to help #keyoxide support more websites and services to verify accounts on?

This is always the most satisfying part of Keyoxide development! I'm currently busy with other Keyoxide dev so looking for people to help out with this.

People on the forum are already proposing many websites and providing links to documentation. All that is needed is doing some testing, adding one config file to the #javascript library and opening a PR.

Minimal coding skills required, beginner friendly :)

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Having trans people in books and movies is not important just "to make the LGBTQIA+ community happy".
It's important because if cis people are used to seeing trans people in fiction, they will probably be more a accepting in daily life and understand a little better what it means to be trans in this world

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Exactly. It is important to mirror reality. Thst also means you shouldn't place stereotypes everywhere. But show them as they are.

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Until when a particular library or device is supported? has all the information in one central place.

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Wow, didn't know that. This is incredibly useful, thanks!

(and even #TYPO3 is listed) 😅

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Content warning: NixOS Appreciation

Content warning: NixOS Appreciation

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It feels great to be back working on #Forgejo #federation after a one-month hiatus since I was busy with other stuff. The only remaining work now before federation can be merged into mainline Forgejo is standardizing and implementing the F3/ForgeFed vocabulary and adding some basic spam and moderation features.

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fyi, since many people don't know this exists:
Almost all computer screens made in the last decade support DDC/CI. (The Display Data Channel Command Interface).
You can use it to control stuff like the backlight brightness without fiddling with the awful screen buttons and OSD.

On Linux once you load the ddcci kernel module the screens appear in /sys/class/backlights and can be controlled like a laptop screen.
screenshot of a terminal showing the following:

sudo modprobe ddcci
ls /sys/class/backlight
it shows the internal laptop screen and ddcci11.
Then I cat the value of /sys/class/backlight/ddcci11/brightness and it shows 100
then I show that brightnessctl can control the screen.

Couldn't update my #NIxOS on my old #MacBookAir anymore. Got an error from compiler for a kernel module specific to MacBooks Backlight.

I know that a new kernel 6.1 was releases recently.
NixOS allows me to specify the kernel easily: boot.kernelPackages = pkgs.linuxKernel.packages.linux_5_15; and everything works fine again.

There was not a single issue due to using Nix/NixOS as rolling release I couldn't fix within a short amount of time with the help of Nix/NixOS itself.
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yes 6.1 has become LTS recently

Looks like I have an issue within my #Nix update script. It doesn't clean things up.

Just deleted old generations and executed `nix store gc` with following result: `75207 store paths deleted, 89441.92 MiB freed`.

Curious what I'm doing wrong. I executed the same commands I've within the update script …
You never stop learning, 141 exit code is SIGPIPE which happens when piping something to head:

I've applied the suggested fix/workaround:
of there is one thing you get better at when using #nix, it is #shell scripting.

A former employee of a customer told me that he talked with his psychologist about me and a colleague of mine. He told him how much we helped him.

The IT business can be hard for many people. Especially if you struggle due to ADHD (=Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). He had trouble to focus and concentrate.

But it looks like we never pushed him and always were kind and helped him.

I highly appreciate that he has revealed himself to me and that I could help him. I know many people within IT have issues and struggle with certain things. Please never assume they are dumb or try to harm anyone. Always assume they try their best, be nice to each other and maybe talk to them privately and ask how you might help.

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Ticket ✅
Hotel ✅
Vorfreude ✅✅


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Good reminder! :)

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Ich will weg von #Windows als #OS. Mein neues OS muss ohne monolithisches Init-System auskommen, die Lizenz muss eine Installation auf beliebiger Hardware erlauben und soll #Firefox und #Thunderbird als Pakete mit regelmässigen Updates versorgen.
Aktuell in der Auswahl stehen #GhostBSD und #VoidLinux. Hast Du Tipps und weitere Gedanken dazu?
Ich bin mit NixOS ( auf dem Desktop seit Jahren sehr zufrieden. Die Konfiguration liegt in einer Datei, daraus kannst du das System reproduzierbar immer wieder neu erstellen. Das Angebot an Paketen ist sehr umfangreich und gut gewartet.
Aber es setzt auf systemd, was hier ein KO Kriterium ist. Oder hab ich da was verpasst, kann man das leicht tauschen?
@danielsiepmann @andri Sieht nicht gut aus für NixOS ohne systemd:

Sagen wir so: Wenn alle anderen Vorteile so gewichtig sind, könnte ich auch über systemd hinwegsehen. Würde es aber sehr bevorzugen, ohne systemd auszukommen.
@andri Mit welcher Desktop-Umgebung verwendest Du es?
Würde NixOS ohne systemd auskommen, dänn wäre es mir einiges sympathischer. Den deklarativen Ansatz finde ich hingegen bestechend.
Mit i3. Das ist vermutlich nicht jedermanns Sache aber ich finde e super 🙃

Ja, ohne systemd wird schwierig. Aber wenn der irgendwo seine Berechtigung hat ist es wohl auf dem Desktop, deshalb kann ich damit leben.