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Just because you took longer than others to learn programming, Linux, and IT topic doesn’t mean you failed. Remember that. Every person learns stuff differently. The important thing is not to give up.

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A lot of people assume that if somebody is successful based on what you see from the outside, it means they're doing just great. The sad truth is that *many* high achievers are actually struggling with very dark problems on a regular basis. Quite often, it is *work* that is a coping mechanism and it *may* mean that the more somebody works/creates/achieves, the more they struggle.

If *you* struggle, get help, please do get help. Things can get better ❤️

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Content warning: Account deletion

I now have set up my #keyoxide profile which can be found here:

Cool idea and service :)

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TYPO3 version 12.1 has been released. The new feature “Reactions” enables #TYPO3 to react to incoming #webhooks. We also reworked the visual look and feel of the backend search and added a “tiles view” to the Filelist module that impacts how files and folders are displayed.

Read more about the new sprint release of the TYPO3 v12 series, packed with 35+ new features, at:
Superheroes clenching their fists.

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Content warning: #TYPO3 v12.1.0

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Notiz #GroßraumPhantastik nach »#ChokepointCapitalism« (2022) von Giblin & Doctorow.

1. Wettbewerbsfeindliche Strategie von Amazon. Schaffung von Engpässen:
a) Verbraucher festzurren
b) Anbieter festzurren
c) Konkurrenz vernichten
d) Arbeiter & Zulieferer ungerecht niedrige Löhne aufzwingen

2. Amazons Illusion vom positiven Kreislauf. Wachstum:
A) niedrige Kosten
a) bessere Auswahl
B) niedrige Preise
b) bessere Kundenerfahrung
c) mehr Güter/Datentransfer
d) mehr Verkäufer
Bildschirmfoto aus Buch »Chokepoint Capitalism« (2022) von Rebecca Giblin und Corey Doctorow. Grafik was wirklich Amazons Erfolg ausmacht aus Kap. 1 »Big Business Captured Culture«. Beschreibung im Beitragstext.
Bildschirmfoto aus Buch »Chokepoint Capitalism« (2022) von Rebecca Giblin und Corey Doctorow. Grafik was Amazons an Phantastik erzählt über Grund für Erfolg, aus Kap. 1 »Big Business Captured Culture«. Beschreibung im Beitragstext.
Gutes Buch, oder? Bin noch nicht ganz durch.

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I want to write a new #TYPO3 blog post but I am unsure about the topic.

Any suggestions?

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how about upgrades from 10/11 to 12, especially for more complex extensions. Maybe you can also cover approaches including tests and code optimizations. Another interesting topic would be EXT:reactions.
Yes, I bookmarked the reactions patch 2 hours ago. That will definitively become a post. Maybe not the next one.

Who knows.

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The best thing I’ve learned this week is that when squirrels fall/jump - they land like superheroes!

or do superheroes land like squirrels?

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Running PHPstan on some project. Out of memory. Ah, why not --memory-limit=1G, I thought.

Os crashes. Swapping galore. Turns out PHPstan runs a thread per core and passes that limit along. 8 cores. 8 GB. Clowns.

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There are two softwares that create a need for huge RAM (16 GB) for me:
Search (solr, elasticsearch)

I'm happy that I don't have a huge IDE or Docker VM but neovim and linux. Software should care about resources again. To many use larger hardware as a solution, which isn't a solution.

It feels strange to run a whole entertainment system (Kodi) on a small raspberry pi. While you need big hardware in order to run a (more or less simple) website nowadays.
it wasn't just the huge resource usage, though. I can understand it somewhat.

It was that if I set the limit to 1GB, it doesn't use max 1GB, but max 1GB*number of cores.

That's maybe just a UX thing. The options couldv'e been called --memperthread or so. Or the cli parser doing the math and divide my max mem setting with the number of cores.

Maybe a small thing. But it crashed my desktop. It's been months, years, since something crashed my Ubuntu.

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Frontend development, 2022 baffles me. I needed a "landing page theme" (open source).

What I need: index.html, style.css.

What I find: Yarn, Vue, Babel, Sass, tailwind, react, nextjs, webpacker, wasm, vite, pug, typescript.

And a very few "html+css".

What happened to KISS? It seems frontend-crowd is solving problems by stacking stuff on top of stuff, which then causes problems. Which then are solved by stacking more on top.

A single page is still just an effing single page.

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you can make it even simpler by removing the newsletter and adding RSS.
good one! Will certainly do.

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Released a service that assists me when (integration)testing and devving: webmocket.

A fake websocket server that can send custom messages to registered clients. And that records any received messages.
source: #rustlang

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To be clear: the websocket isn't "fake", really. It's a mock, standin.

The whole point of the service is to allow a client (in my case a bot) to connect to it, and then start sending and receiving messages.

For test-scenarios and such.

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It's finally here, teasing is over:

I'm excited to launch #keyoxide today!

#FOSS solution for easy encryption, signature verification and decentralized identity proofs!

I've been in favor of #DeleteKeybase but I never had something to offer as an alternative. Now I do :)

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you're a fake since one of your checks fail! 😁

Works nicely, but really take a lot of time to get it right. For example mentioning that only pgp notation will actually "reember" your services would tremendously help to decide which way _not_ to go.