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Migrating my first #TYPO3 Extension to version 12.4 LTS.
#PHPUnit is such a pleasure to use. It reveals all the deprecations not migrated by #rectorPHP which makes it easy to migrate code base.
That of course needs a good coverage by tests.

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I find very helpful for this, too (in addition to running the tests and using Rector).
Didn't give it a try yet. But I guess it would be unable to report TCA migrations. But could be a great addition. Would also work with LSP integration within the editor.

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Booked my travel and hotel for next years @FOSDEM and @FrOSCon.

Looks like I'll represent #TYPO3 at both events, joining #CMSGarden ( ) at #FOSDEM. Already looking forward to see you there, explaining my beloved CMS TYPO3 and getting to know some people from #Nix and other projects.

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I guess I'll join at least one of the following events next year:


Any suggestion which one to prefer and why? I can also provide a Talk regarding #TYPO3 as #OpenSource #CMS which will be the new foundation of the so-called "Government Site Builder" in Germany (see:

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I'll visit FOSDEM and FrOSCon next year and get a feeling about the events. Thanks for your insights :)
Meet you at froscon then πŸ€“

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Thanks to my workmate at @Codappix GmbH this small #TYPO3 bugfix was made.

I still guess the mindset is the most important thing. Our company and people involved are living #foss. Bugs are fixed upstream and applied via patches. We don't patch software just for ourselves.

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@typo3commits That’s the way to do it! πŸ‘

Had a great talk with @Josef Glatz about some #TYPO3 ideas. I really like how motivated people are. I really like the ideas out there.

And I like discussing ideas and how to integrate them with less effort and better integration into the existing systems. As well as discussing how to improve the system while you are on it.

Looking forward to seeing the results.

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Back at home after an exciting, pleasing and motivating #t3crr #TYPO3 camp Rhine Ruhr.

Thanks to all attendees, speakers, sponsors and the orga team.

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