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Thunderbird 102 features a Spaces Toolbar for fast access to your Mail, Address Books, Calendars, Tasks, Chat, and more. You can also customize it with the colors YOU want. Here's how.
might be nice to post these videos on somewhere not youtube?
@˗ˏˋ wakest ˎˊ˗ @Thunderbird I agree. You can use until they use peertube or their own website.

In case you didn't know invidious yet.
Are there any PeerTube instances you recommend? We don't have the resources (read: time) to host our own right now.
I don't know many instances and can't recommend anything. I've posted on fosstodon. Hopefully people will send some recommendations :)
I highly appreciate that you would support peertube.

You can find responses here:
oh, that @tilvids recommendation is a good one. We love the @PINE64 project!
#Thunderbird is asking for a recommendation for a #PeerTube instance to join! Lets set them up somewhere good! Glad to see @thunderbird active on the #fediverse!
If You don't want to host Your own instance, maybe consider managed hosting:
@feditips knows more on that 🙂
That link seems broken, by the way.
Indeed, thank you.
Well, we posted a bad link to YouTube. It's a sign to hurry up and get over to PeerTube ;-)
If we can support you regarding PeerTube hosting, feel free to get in touch! ❤️