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they should make their own .
I'm not a producer of content personally, however a lot of the peertube videos I see floating around the fediverse are hosted on #tilvids. Perhaps have a look at it?
here's the homepage:
Veronica Explains and The Linux Experiment are 2 of our friends, and amazing content creators.

That's a REAL compelling argument.
the linux experiment? never heard of that one. In any case, many of the things I recently learned about gnome tweeks, the linux desktop and stuff like that was from a video from tilvids. Also I didn't see it ever go down, as in, not being able to see a video in a long time, so in my experience it's quite reliable.
Indeed. Nick is fantastic.
I freaking love that site.
I'm sure they'll find alternatives. We could host one for them, but we're unfortunately not able to do it for free.
Appreciate that though, Joaquim. The more we look around, the more something like @tilvids makes a lot of sense.
We'd love to have you over at TILvids! Your content would be a perfect fit, and we also love to support FOSS projects and help promote them. If you decide you'd like to share your videos at TILvids, just make an account, shoot me your username, and I'll enable you for uploading!
Consider it done!

We think this is absolutely the right call, thanks for being awesome.
One other thing worth mentioning: You said that you might someday want to host your own instance. One of my goals for TILvids is to help lift creators up off the ground by sharing their content around similar content, and then eventually when they get big enough, if they want to, start their own instance and federate with each other. This is the best plan I could come up with to support federation while also working to combat the rampant misinformation/spam content that exists in the PeerTube ecosystem. So know that you have that option down the road as well!
It's our hope that we can lift you up too and spread the word about the terrific work you're doing there.
for real, tilvids is straight up a professional peertube instance where you wonโ€™t find anything other than quality educational content.