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It's been missing from the Fediverse — my micro-podcast introduction to open source. Expect weekly installments. More at

Episode 1: LOVE ❤️

The meaning of #free in #OpenSource is much more about #humans and much less about #money than many people think. #FOSS #podcast #micropodcast

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Great summary, thank you.

I miss your entertaining attitude :) But I guess that's on purpose.

Thanks for sharing, now listening to the other episodes. I totally missed that podcast.

@danielsiepmann Glad you found it now! 😃It was a steep learning curve. Turns out it’s really hard to talk non-stop for 2m20s, look into the camera, and make it look natural. Having brain cycles left for acting is an added bonus — when it happens. 😂

I'm a fan of nature. I don't see a need to talk non stop and always looking into TYPO3 camera.

I especially like your personality, your way to talk and act in a stage. Its always a mixture of fun and facts and you always find the balance.

But let me check the following episodes before I provide anymore feedback. Just need to hear and watch them :)

@danielsiepmann Thank you for the nice words. I hope you get to see me on stage a lot of times in 2024. (Though being able to keep it short can be a virtue too.)

Our merged idealistic-pragmatic slide-deck-cum-stage-show on the importance of #FOSS to the world was very well received at #DrupalConEur. We're now pitching it to other events as well. Where would you like to see “Defending FOSS” (aka. #barbenheimer)? Here's one great review:

I fear not … as I won't make it to many events. I'm planning to "only" join: FOSDEM, FrOSCon, Webcamp Venlo, TYPO3 Developer Days and TYPO3 Barcamp Rhine Ruhr. Maybe TYPO3 General Assembly as well.

But I hope I'll still see you, even if it is virtual :)

@danielsiepmann We’ll meet again. Don’t know where, don’t know when … 🎶
Thanks for sharing the post with photo. Reminds me to keep some TYPO3 shirts (even I don't like black shirts anymore) for the none TYPO3 events, in order to be an advertisement for TYPO3.