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Currently, creating shell.nix for all projects step by step. This is one of the last steps preventing me from migrating from #Ubuntu to #NixOS as my daily business distribution.

I also try to migrate from #Docker to #Podman, but not sure if I want to add the extra headache for myself regarding volumes. I only use containers for software like solr or Elasticsearch within projects. I might use podman but with tmpfs instead of mounted folders, or check out container volumes.

I'm used to mount local folders for persisting data.
have you considered something like to go faster?
I already have a bash script that's starting a tmux session per project with proper layout and environments. My projects follow some conventions so I can build the env vars from the folder structure.

I considered devenv and alternatives but didn't feel like it is worth for me to invest time there yet.

I also like to manually trigger stuff and don't get interrupted by automation if I don't want to. E.g. just by cding into a folder just to execute one command, e.g. a fast search.

But thanks for suggesting :)