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I guess I'll join at least one of the following events next year:


Any suggestion which one to prefer and why? I can also provide a Talk regarding #TYPO3 as #OpenSource #CMS which will be the new foundation of the so-called "Government Site Builder" in Germany (see:

reshared this

Good point, yeah another good option for me (not too far away from my home). And it is very early, so maybe two events.

You would definitely recommend that event? I guess there were many from the Nix bubble which would be another benefit for myself.

Froscon is a bit more leaning towards PHP than the others, I'd guess. Cozy family-feeling and atmosphere there, IMO aimed more at socializing and exchange rather than "Talk"-driven.
Can't compare it to the other two, though...
I'll visit FOSDEM and FrOSCon next year and get a feeling about the events. Thanks for your insights :)
Meet you at froscon then 🤓