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SUMMER DRINKING TIP: When someone says they’re not drinking/refusing the alcoholic beverage you’re offering, do not ask why.
Just offer a non-alcoholic option and move on.. because whatever the reason is, it’s almost always none of your business.✌️

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As someone who doesn't drink alcohol and hasn't been asked why in a long time, I do have to wonder, is this still a thing? If so, why? Do you ask why every time someone doesn't like something you like? Are you just a curious person? Do you also ask people why if they do want alcohol (This would honestly make more sense to me)?

At least in germany it is still a thing. Because drinking beer, at least as a man, is considered to be the norm.
So you are not considered to be normal I'f you don't drink alcohol.

It is a bit like being vegan. People also are asking why because you are not part of the "normal" society.